About us

Nurturing Beginnings offers doula services, baby massage, mum and baby yoga, postnatal group and care home visits with toddlers. It is an exciting venture born out of the need that I found in expectant and new mums for support groups and friendship of other women who are walking the same journey. I really believe in importance of nurturing the beginnings of new life and women, families, childbirth, nurturing and encouraging one another.

My name is Sarah and I became a mum in 2012 and love being a mum to two children and embrace the ups and downs of family life. I am a doula and love to support women and their partners at such a special time in their life, to come alongside them, support and encourage them through their journey. I am so passionate about this time of life and love being around individuals becoming parents and their young families. I thoroughly enjoy supporting new parents in activities such as teaching baby massage; it is such a relaxing and enjoyable environment and experience for parent and baby.
Running the antenatal support group, facilitating discussion, listening to women’s experiences, hopes and fears in childbirth is such a privilege and the group is so enjoyable. Equally our postnatal group where we get to meet baby and often have interesting and fun guests come along is where I love to be. Having a relaxing and familiar group to attend with a new baby can be a life saver.
And most importantly every group revolves around CAKE, I love to bake and bring home baked cake to all the groups as everything is better with cake!
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Please feel free to email me on: sarah @ nurturingbeginnings.co.uk or call me on: 07794 697 622.