Baby Massage

Well we’ve just finished out 6 week Baby massage course and we LOVED it. We’ve really found the massage techniques so valuable and it’s just been such a lovely bonding time. Sarah facilitated the group so sensitively and babies can be cuddled, fed or trump away without fear. I loved the social aspect and have made some great friends. I would recommend this group to everyone and I’m actually really sad it’s finishing. – Hannah and Makai

Doing the baby massage course was a really lovely way to bond with my baby as well as meeting other parents. Sarah has a very gentle and kind approach to teaching which made it easy to relax and enjoy learning a new skill. Highly recommended. – Anna and Harry

What a wonderful baby massage course! Sarah has a great relaxed approach to teaching massage, and helpful tips for remembering the moves for when we’re at home! We now do this as part of bed time routine and my little girl smiles and calms instantly! It’s my favourite part of the day sharing time full of love and smiles, it’s even better knowing the important benefit of touch. – Gemma and Dora

I felt completly calm and at ease doing baby massage with Sarah. We went at a very chilled pace with lots of time for baby interaction, and I learnt a few fun little rhymes I can sing while I massage my baby. Rufus really seemed to enjoy it, which I was not expecting from my very wriggly, high energy baby! – Rosie and Rufus

Baby Yoga

We have had a wonderful time bonding, laughing, socialising and building friendships all in a relaxed and welcoming envrionment which is facilitated by the lovely Sarah. Thank you we will miss it!

Cassie and I loved baby yoga, it was been wonderful doing something together. It has given us ideas of things we can do at home. The date balls at the end are amazing. Thank you Sarah! – Julia and Cassie

Harrison and I thoroughly enjoyed yoga, it was relaxing, bonding experience and we learnt some brilliant things to do at home. Sarah is a wonderful, friendly and calm teacher who has a wealth of knowledge! – Julia and Harrison

We have just finished our baby yoga course and it’s been so great! It’s a wonderful mix of yoga, massage, sensory and singing (with yummy healthy treats!). Sarah is brilliant at what she does. She’s so baby focused that you aren’t left feeling embarrassed when your baby inevitably only wants to be cuddled or starts eating the mat (just my baby?!). Thank you Sarah, we will miss our special yoga time with you! – Hannah and Makai


Even knowing that Sarah was to be there for the birth made me so calm and very confident, for me to welcome her into such an intense and intimate time was easy. During labour I couldn’t believe how supportive she was to me let alone Hannah, which encouraged me, settled me and helped me to enjoy the experience instead of hate it. It is certainly worth hiring a doula! As there is someone there for you, which in turn makes you feel a whole lot safer. – Phil

Sarah was kind and caring before and during birth. She knew my birth plan and quietly helped it happen. Excellent postnatally when I had difficulties visiting and remaining in contact. Also brought very good brownies!

Very few people can achieve this balance between advising someone well and thoroughly while not diminishing their confidence in ultimately deciding for themselves.  Sarah did that really well.  She has a very subtle approach but it encourages one to open up and quickly learn to trust her.  She is very well spoken and is a good listener! – Olga

Sarah was great! We met her and she was clearly knowledgable as well as friendly. I had a doula for my 2 previous home births so I knew what I was looking for:
Someone I could trust to advocate for me if the need arose
Someone who understood my wishes
Who could bring suggestions even though this was my third baby
Sarah met my requirements and got on well with my partner. During the birth she watched me and gave me space to do my own thing. She looked for what I might need including refreshments and homeopathy. She paid attention to my partner and made sure he was ok too. She held me when my partner was not available and knew instinctively what positions would help. She was really helpful when we had to discuss going to hospital a few hours after the birth, talking through options with my partner and I, and the midwife. She visited us in hospital and after, and was in regular contact while we were in hospital, helping me to see what I could do during that difficult time. I highly recommend her and could not have asked for anything more from her. – Charlie