Baby Massage (0-6months)

Six week baby massage course to learn all the benefits and skills to practice baby massage on your baby to help aid relaxation, sleep, colic, constipation and bonding in a relaxed and friendly environment to get to know other new parents over tea and homemade cake.

Baby Yoga (2-9months)

Baby centered six week baby yoga course to learn many stretches, movements, strokes and songs designed with your baby’s cognitive and physical development in mind. A lovely relaxing and bonding class to spend time on yourself and your baby while getting to know other parents over fruit juice and nutritious date balls.

Storytime, Stretch and Sing (3-9months)

Enjoy reading an interactive story together, learn baby yoga moves, sing plenty of active songs together all to aid social and emotional development, bonding, body awareness and flexibility; this rich sensory experience enhances your baby’s full development. Ending with heuristic exploratory play for baby’s and tea and homemade cake for parents.

Baby Explorers (9-18months)

An active baby group including sensory and heuristic play, treasure baskets and singing, all to encourage your baby’s development in a relaxed and informal manner. This group will allow free play for your baby to explore at their leisure while your can chat with like minded parents over tea and home made cake.

Crafty Explorers (18-30months)

Craft class for young toddlers, create a simple craft or keepsake to take home, enjoy some creative, sensory or quiet time activities, ending with a story and some singing.

Daddy Explorers (0-4years)

Creative fun for Dads & Little Ones to bond and connect with other dads over coffee, tea, and bacon roll.

Weekend Explorers (0-4years)

Weekend fun for any Mums & Dads with their Little Ones, to have fun and enjoy hot drinks & cake.

Weaning Workshop (3-7months)

Evidence based, interactive workshop to leave you feeling knowledgeable and confident to wean your baby.

NB Explorers (0-4years)

Our exciting new BABY & TODDLER GROUP coming soon for mixed ages, with loads of toys, meet other parents, loads of fun, singing, snack, cake, etc.

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