Birth doula
A free initial (no obligation) informal meeting to get to know you and discuss what I can offer
Two antenatal visits to debrief previous births and discuss your birth wishes/preferences and information sharing
Continuous email and telephone support
A commitment to be on call 24/7 from 38 weeks to 42 weeks.
Come when labour starts and remain until after baby is born and you are comfy
Use of the birth pool and tens machine if you wish
A visit after birth to talk about the birth events and cuddle your new baby!

Postnatal Doula
After the birth of your baby I can offer
Practical help with domestic household tasks or childcare
A good listening ear
Support with feeding your baby
Night time support
To be at the end of the phone
Look after your baby so you can catch up on sleep
Or whatever you feel would help this transition

Birth Wish List Session
I can come and spend 2 hours with you and your birth partner discussion things which you may wish to consider in preparing your birth wish list, direct you to further recommended reading and leave you feeling prepared and excited for birth.

I cover Gloucestershire and surrounding counties.