Very few people can achieve this balance between advising someone well and thoroughly while not diminishing their confidence in ultimately deciding for themselves.  Sarah did that really well.  She has a very subtle approach but it encourages one to open up and quickly learn to trust her.  She is very well spoken and is a good listener!


Sarah was great! We met her and she was clearly knowledgable as well as friendly. I had a doula for my 2 previous home births so I knew what I was looking for:
Someone I could trust to advocate for me if the need arose
Someone who understood my wishes
Who could bring suggestions even though this was my third baby
Sarah met my requirements and got on well with my partner. During the birth she watched me and gave me space to do my own thing. She looked for what I might need including refreshments and homeopathy. She paid attention to my partner and made sure he was ok too. She held me when my partner was not available and knew instinctively what positions would help. She was really helpful when we had to discuss going to hospital a few hours after the birth, talking through options with my partner and I, and the midwife. She visited us in hospital and after, and was in regular contact while we were in hospital, helping me to see what I could do during that difficult time. I highly recommend her and could not have asked for anything more from her.


Sarah was great – very supportive and empathic, made helpful suggestions and gave guidance and signposts to further information without ever telling us what to do!


Sarah has such a kind personality, offering us empathy, support and respect throughout. Sarah clearly has a passion for birth and supporting expectant mothers, her belief and enthusiasm for birth as a positive experience is infectious. Sarah was more of a support during the antenatal period than I could ever imagined. She helped us get the best out of the NHS service that was provided to us. She supported my husband enormously. She had such a ‘can do’ positive and caring attitude. Sarah stayed calm and positive even in the intense parts of labour. She put us first immensely. Postnatally she helped me to try to process our birth journey and just to have joy in our new baby. She cheered us on and told us over and again how well we were doing.


Even knowing that Sarah was to be there for the birth made me so calm and very confident, for me to welcome her into such an intense and intimate time was easy. During labour I couldn’t believe how supportive she was to me let alone Hannah, which encouraged me, settled me and helped me to enjoy the experience instead of hate it. It is certainly worth hiring a doula! As there is someone there for you, which in turn makes you feel a whole lot safer.


Sarah was very supportive when I breastfed, I encountered difficulty at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey and she was always there in person or at the end of the phone with suggestions and encouragement. She helped me to engage with breastfeeding support groups and access the right support for my daughter. Sarah certainly played a large part in enabling me to still be breastfeeding now. She was fantastic support and very approachable.