Five steps to making mum friends

I know oh so well how hard it can be to connect with other mothers and find your gang, I have been there myself. Despite being confident running groups it does not mean I’d be confident to meet people, connect and make friends, ultimately believing someone wants to be friends with me! Becoming a mum changes you, knocks your confidence as you begin to get to know the new you with a new identity. Add to that lockdown and covid I know it is a difficult scene out there to make mum friends but I think some simple tips and you could be the most popular mum in town! Trust me, there are hundreds of mums out there in the same boat waiting to be your friend and lots are hanging out in our baby and toddler groups.

1. Believe in yourself
You are a good mum, but more than that a good person and a great friend to others, you’re interesting, fun, worthy and other mums will love to hang out with you. Find ways to connect with others over things you have in common (your children), your lack of sleep, feeding experiences, birth stories etc. But then take things to another level and be a good listener to find out who they are, now and before children and what makes them them, how do they remember their old self and who are they now. Your experiences and opinions are incredibly valid and important to you, but also to others, you never know the impact you may have on each other unless you open up.

2. Be BRAVE!
Talk to mums, be brave and strike up that conversation in the confidence and knowledge that they are seeking to make connection too. I’m sure it’s something you’ve done before in life, and something you’d hope your children have the skills to do so be confident in your own wonderful self and start that conversation, ask to exchange numbers, arrange to meet up and voila. It’s a risk worth making because the potential benefits could be huge – someone to hang out with, exchange war stories with and have a friend for life. Maybe have a few questions up your sleeve ready to get to know other mums when the opportunity arises.

3. Join local social media parenting groups
And be an active member. Join local facebook groups and relevant whats app groups, behind a screen is often an easier way to make introductions to other local parents and begin the conversation. From there you can begin to make plans to meet at the park or coffee shop and turn this acquaintance into a lifelong friend. Why not join our facebook group HERE.

4. Cut out the preconceptions
The perfect life, perfect children and perfect house just doesn’t exist. Being honest and real with other mums about your experiences, struggles, successes and your parenting will make it so much easier to connect and form real honest friendships so don’t strive to be the perfect image and love yourself as you are. Let other mums see who you are and what you’re about without the need to compare yourself to others. But also you can meet at the park or somewhere neutral so you don’t need to worry about what state your house is in and embrace the chaos together.

5. Be KIND
Be kind to yourself. Not every venture out the house has to be a mission to make a new friend, that would just be exhausting. Sometimes allow the time at a baby group to just be about bonding with your baby and you never know that may be the week someone else chooses to be brave and reach out to connect with you.

If you’re looking for a lovely community of parents to connect with alongside your baby then join our waiting list and check out or lovely variety of baby and toddler groups available in Cheltenham and Gloucester HERE.