Oliver’s Birth Story

Growing up I’d had no idea what I wanted to do in life career wise, the only thing I knew I wanted was to be a mum. So arguably at a young age I became pregnant at 23, this felt like I had waited a long time having got married at 20 and my then husband was well aware how keen I was to have children. I was keen to do everything ‘right’ and experience everything I had spent all my life dreaming about. We did antenatal classes, I bought all the things I felt we needed while sticking to a tight budget, painted a nursery (which barely got used) and generally prepared.

I had a healthy pregnancy except for what my doctor initially diagnosed to be PEOP which is basically a reaction to stretch marks and ultimately torture via itching. I struggled to sleep, but thankfully this only developed at about 36 weeks so I didn’t have too long to wait to meet this baby and end the itching. However at 40 weeks my midwife sent me for a liver function test and the intense itching was re-diagnosed as obstetric choleostasis which lead to a number of interventions. At the time I knew very little, I have since learnt so much by the birth of my second child, never mind what I now know. I asked very few questions and followed their instructions. I was to be induced the next day as I was already full term, I didn’t question why but went along.

On the day of induction I was started off on the ward and then moved down to delivery to break my waters, this all had no impact on starting contractions so I was eventually put on the sytocinon drip. To get into established labour took over 24 hours, which is an exhausting way to begin labour. Once in labour I used gas and air and thoroughly enjoyed effect. I lost my inhibitions and shared stories with the midwife I’m sure my ex husband didn’t appreciate! I was given an epidural which took away all the pain, however I did then struggle with pushing stage without any sensation. My son was born at 3:59am (apparently 4am is the most likely time to be born) via forceps and despite their concerns was healthy.

I cannot believe that was now 7 years ago and I have such a grown up, smart, curious, thoughtful, happy not so little boy. I have loved reminiscing over the day he was born, I birthed alongside the support of my then husband and know that if I had had a doula I would have had an incredibly different experience. The support I did receive from my mum and sister in the days which followed were essential to me.

This is one of my birth stories and very different to the other, I love reading and hearing birth stories. Every single one is different, unique and ever so special. I have written it previously for my doula training and there are already details in it I had forgotten so I cannot express how much I urge you to write down your birth stories, they are to be treasured and sadly memory fades.

7 years apart!