Toy Rotation

7 Toy Rotation Ideas Guaranteed to Rejuvenate Playtime

Worried your baby is getting bored of playing with the same toys every day? Yes? Then perhaps it’s time to introduce toy rotation.

Toy rotation is the simple art of holding back toys and only putting out a select few each day. It’s a great way to keep the playmat fresh and interesting – without buying new toys – and can even give you the chance to enjoy a hot (yes, hot!) cup of coffee while your little one explores their “new” toy collection.

Want to give it a try? Here’s 7 ideas to kick start your first week!

  1. “Stack ‘em up” on Monday

Blocks and coloured cups are a firm favourite found in almost every toy box, but there’s no reason why you can’t add in some books, beakers, toilet rolls and DVD cases too. Of course, it goes without saying, these household items will need a little extra supervision.

Whatever you find, building some towers up after bedtime can help get your morning off to a great start, as your little one gets stuck into knocking down their new-found kingdom.

This one also offers great opportunity for playing together across the day, as you restack the towers and express your shock (very loudly!) every time they tumble over.

  1. “Touch and feel” on Tuesday

To create a “touch and feel” experience for baby, you’ll need to delve into the toy box for a selection of noticeably different items, including a ball, rustling book, cuddly toy and rattle. Looking around the house, a nappy, flannel, balled up pair of socks, scarf, and even a ‘That’s not my…’ book can also add something new to the mix.

You can also take things up a notch by spreading everything out on a fleece blanket and taking off baby’s socks, so they can enjoy the experience with their bare feet, as well as their hands.

  1. “Roll away” on Wednesday

As those pesky balls are always rolling away, they’re great for encouraging your baby to reach out. Big? Small? Plastic? Soft? It doesn’t matter. The more, the merrier!

Whether your baby is just getting the hang of tummy time or learning to crawl, you can enjoy that cup of coffee quietly smug that you’re not only entertaining baby, but supporting the development of their gross motor skills too.

  1. “Make some noise” on Thursday

You can’t hide those noisy toys forever, so why not let baby loose with them all in one go?

You might need some ear plugs, but getting out all of those books with pressable buttons, singing teddy bears, fake TV controllers, and even some good old-fashioned wooden spoons and saucepans is great for developing those all-important fine motor skills, as well as strengthening baby’s understanding of cause and effect.

If baby’s delightful toys also light up, you could try shutting the curtains at some point during the day for the full sensory experience of baby seeing them glow in the dark.

  1. “Rustle in the weekend” on Friday

If you don’t already have an emergency foil blanket (the type you carry in a hiking rucksack in case you get stranded), it’s time to jump on the “baby sensory bandwagon” and add one to your toy box! Lightweight and rustling, they are great for little hands to grab, shake and explore.

Roll out some cheap and shiny wrapping paper, add some rustling books and toys (even pinching one or two off the baby gym) and you’ll have a treasure trove of rustling toys to keep baby scrunching and kicking all day long.

  1. “Have a snuggle” on Saturday

Often the first choice for well-wishers coming to visit a new baby, you probably have soft toys by the bucket load. Whatever shape or size, if it’s fluffy and soft, throw it onto the playmat and let baby explore. You can also add a cushion or two off the sofa for more variety.

This one is especially good for babies just learning to sit up or crawl, as the extra padding on the playmat will provide a soft surface for them to tumble onto.

  1. “Embrace the rainbow” on Sunday

Pick a colour, any colour, and fill baby’s playmat with every toy that matches it!

Don’t forget to add the balls from the ball pit (if you have one), as well as collect household items, such as a plastic cup or plate, a tea towel, and any bath toys also in your chosen colour. You could even add the emergency foil blanket back into the mix, as its shiny surface will reflect all of the coloured toys.

So, there you have it, 7 ideas for dividing up baby’s toy collection and giving playtime a long-overdue refresh. Good luck!

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