Virtual interview…

I must admit that although online zoom classes are not quite the same as face to face classes I thoroughly enjoy running them; adding structure, routine and a sense of achievement to my week as well as for those families who join me. I have been lucky to have some loyal mums who join me each week so I thought I’d ask them how they have found classes while I have been able to watch their baby grow and develop.

Firstly can I introduce Kate and baby Florence, who started out as an NB baby in the real world at baby massage when Florence was only 6 weeks old. Kate what appealed to you about booking online with NB?

Kate: The virtual weekly classes have enabled a sense of normality and something to look forward to in these difficult times. There are flexible booking options for the online classes, either as a Set Course or individually, and you can even book on the morning of the session. Therefore, I would highly recommend giving ‘Nurturing Beginnings‘ Classes a try.

And Lindsay who I have spent most Saturday mornings with throughout lockdown despite never meeting in the real world, alongside baby Euan who is now 5 and a half months old. How have you found online yoga?

Lindsay: I’ve really been enjoying the sessions, although Euan often doesn’t make it through an entire class. While classes via Zoom don’t enable you to socialise with other mums the way you would in person, it’s still an opportunity to engage with the outside world, and it’s helped me to add a bit of structure to my week in these strange times!

Kate, currently you have been doing weekly yoga classes, how do you feel they have helped Florence develop?

Kate: It not only helps Florence to stretch and grow but there are some light stretches for us mums too. The class is interactive incorporating: communication, singing (we are muted so you can’t hear each other online) playful movements and actions to help with development and relaxation. 

With the benefit of being in your own home, you can feel more at ease when meeting your baby’s needs. On several occasions Florence has had a feed half way through a class or needed a sudden nappy change but most beneficially Sarah’s singing helps to relax Florence and sometimes even settles her into a snooze so I can enjoy a hot drink and chat at the end of the class. 

Lindsay baby yoga classes are a combination of singing and stretches, what benefits have you enjoyed?

Lindsay: The classes themselves are fun and I like your enthusiastic (but not over the top, as some children’s classes can be, if you know what I mean) approach. It’s been good to learn some new songs (or to be reminded of some long forgotten ones) and to develop my appreciation of movement and activities that are comfortable and fun for Euan to do, and get a better understanding of his flexibility.

The classes have sufficient variety week to week to keep them engaging, with things being mixed up, but enough of a repeat across the weeks to be familiar with the songs and activities to be able to join in.

Anything else you want to add for future NB parents?

Kate: Thank you Sarah for continuing to brighten up our week! Unfortunately our Baby Massage course was postponed due to lockdown, however, we have been able to keep a routine and enjoy both Baby Massage and Baby Yoga. Florence and I have both enjoyed seeing our friends virtually, but we are looking forward to when we can enjoy a cuppa and Sarah’s delicious homemade cakes all together again.