Wondering what on earth to get your baby for Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner, leaving many parents wondering “what do I buy for my baby?”. Some don’t worry about it, as “baby won’t remember anyway”, whilst others definitely get a bit carried away. But I believe there’s a happy medium to be had…

So here’s some of my top buys for getting those all-important photos on the big day with gifts that will be worth every penny for 2021.

  1. Rosa and Bo “Nesting Babies”

Invite open ended play and surprise your baby with peekaboo with these Russian Dolls designed especially for babies. These gorgeous gifts may make an appearance at baby explorers any day soon!

Nesting Babies

  1. Blade and Rose “leggings”

These leggings are tried and tested by lots of my baby class mums. Not only are they cute and come in a variety of designs, but they wash well and come in wider age brackets than most clothes (0-6 months, 6-12 months, etc…) so you can enjoy them for that bit longer.

Blade and Rose

  1. Ball pit

A ball pit is a great investment if you have the space, and will be enjoyed day after day by babies who can sit up and/or crawl through the balls. This really is one you can spend as little or as much as you like on, with lots of varieties available.

  1. Treasure baskets

Exploring new textures and materials is such an important part of your baby’s development as they begin to learn more about the world around them, so why not put together your own stocking with sensory items they can explore in the year ahead? Or buy one of our very own new baskets with two gorgeous baby friendly options to chose from the only hard bit is deciding which one (or why not get both!)

Treasure Baskets

  1. Pop up tunnel

This is a win win. Cheap and cheerful – and easy to fold away – a pop up tunnel makes crawling around your house much more exciting. As with anything just make sure to fully supervise your baby and remove any potential hazards.

  1. Musical instruments

Babies looove to make noise as they explore the world around them, so why not get them some musical instruments to play with? This is another one where you really can spend as little or as much as you like, from using recycled sweet tins and wooden spoons, to handcarved and personalised wooden toys.

  1. Bath toys

Make bath time extra special with a collection of new toys to surprise baby with night after night. From simple rubber ducks, to watering cans, and more….. an investment in bathtime is one you won’t regret.

  1. Bubble machine

Every baby loves bubbles. Enough said.

  1. Stacking toys

Stacking rings, wooden blocks, and more! There’s so much fun to be had in stacking toys to challenge baby. Yes, they will probably just bash the pieces together and chew them at first, but they will quickly learn from watching you and will continue to be a firm favourite once they’ve mastered it!

  1. Baby essentials

Nappies, dummies, wet wipes…You are buying them anyway, so might as well wrap them up to make the tree look more exciting and help your baby with their fine motor skills as they do their best to help up wrap.

Hopefully this list gives you some inspiration for the big day, but don’t feel like you need to “break the bank”. After all, all the gifts in the world can’t compete with spending quality time with your baby. For memorable experiences together, why not buy a Gift Voucher for any one of our baby classes or sign up to my mailing list and follow my Facebook and Instagram pages to be the first to hear about my classes – including Massage, Yoga, Storytime, Stretch & Sing, Baby Explorers and Crafty Explorers.