Terms and Conditions

Nurturing Beginnings Terms & Conditions 2023 Effective 1 March 2023

These terms and conditions apply to all bookings. By making payment and/or submitting your booking form/health questionnaire, you are confirming that you have read, understood and accepted all stated terms. We reserve the right to amend booking terms and conditions effective from the date of issue.

1. In-Person Course Bookings

If for any serious medical reason or extenuating circumstances you or baby are not able to start your booked course on the commencement date, Nurturing Beginnings is willing to transfer you to the next available course subject to availability. If you wish to transfer to a different date for any other reason, this will be free of charge up to 14 days before your course commences. However, within 14 days of the commencement of the course, a £15 administration fee may be charged. No refunds will be provided for non-attendance of a course.

If you wish to cancel your course booking, the following charges may apply: up to 14 days before commencement of the course a £10 administration fee is due, within 14 to 7 days a £30 charge is applicable. Within 7 days no refund is due. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you begin a course and cannot complete the full number of sessions or weeks, Nurturing Beginnings will not offer any refund of course fees as we would be unable to resell that space. However, we will do our best where possible to include you in a future class subject to circumstances and availability (but this is not guaranteed). No refund is due for sessions missed for any reason including holidays or sickness. On rare occasions it may be necessary for Nurturing Beginnings to reschedule a class due to circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to adverse weather conditions, staff sickness, etc. If this is necessary we reserve the right to move the affected session(s) to a virtual classroom or to reschedule the class for an alternative date to ensure all lesson subjects are covered and courses completed.

Attendance of the first session of in-person courses is mandatory as this is when we cover all the safety and guidance information. Nurturing Beginnings reserves the right to postpone or cancel any events rendered unviable due to too few participants.  In such a rare event, we will firstly aim to offer alternative dates and, failing that, provide a full refund to you within 28 days of notification.

If you are booked onto a future in-person course that is subsequently postponed due to extraordinary circumstances such as (but not limited to) pandemic, government guidelines or social distancing measures you will be issued with a credit note for a course to be taken at a later date when circumstances allow. Credit notes in these circumstances will be given an extended usage date and can be exchanged against alternative Nurturing Beginnings classes (including virtual). Standard refund terms of 28 days do not apply in these extraordinary circumstances.

2. In-Person One-Off Sessions, Workshops & Events

Participation in one-off workshops and sessions may be cancelled by the customer up to 14 days before the scheduled event subject to a £10 charge. Within 14 days no refund is due. Subject to availability we may be able to offer you a transfer to an alternative date but this is not guaranteed and we reserve the right to apply a £10 administrative fee. No refund or transfer is due for missed or unattended sessions. Any extenuating circumstances are considered on a case by case basis.

3. Government Lockdown Measures – Pandemic

Whereby the delivery or attendance of in person courses/workshops/events is contradictory to government guidelines, all attendees will be automatically enrolled in our virtual classroom. Virtual sessions will replace in-person sessions and will consist of both live and pre recorded classes. Virtual sessions will continue for as long as necessary inline with government guidelines. We further reserve the right to move and retain tuition in our virtual classroom if our knowledge, training and experience deem it not suitable or safe for in-person classes to be held. This may differ from venue to venue. No refunds are due for in-person classes or appointments moved to our virtual studios or for any unattended virtual sessions.

4. Social Distancing & Self Isolation Measures – Pandemic

Nurturing Beginnings are fully committed to following government guidelines and making attendance of in-person classes as safe as possible. Nurturing Beginnings are further committed to providing virtual classes in place of in person sessions where necessary to ensure little if any disruption to courses and continuity of care to our clients. Up to date social distancing measures and self isolation guidance in line with government guidelines will be issued to all attendees with their class/course joining instructions. All clients agree to adhere to these measures to ensure safety for all. All clients will be required to submit a symptom-free declaration for themselves and immediate household members prior to attendance of every class. This is a mandatory requirement for all in the interests of safety for everyone. Should a class attendee, their baby or any immediate member of their household experience symptoms, class attendees and their babies are not permitted to attend sessions under any circumstances. Should a class attendee or their baby experience symptoms themselves, Nurturing Beginnings must be notified immediately so that we can inform all other class attendees of possible exposure and suspend in-person classes for the affected cohort. In line with government guidelines, members of the relevant class, including the instructor, are then required to self-isolate for 14 days or until such time of the notification of a negative test. During this time classes will continue in our virtual studio as detailed in section 3. A return to in person classes will commence when it is safe to do so in line with government guidance following any negative test and or recommended isolation period. Whereby a class attendee and their baby have to self-isolate for 14 days due to exposure outside of their cohort and are not permitted to attend classes, this will be considered illness and no substitute will currently be offered. Whereby an instructor has to self-isolate (whether due their own symptoms or by way of exposure to others outside of the classroom) all classes run by that instructor will be transferred to our virtual studios as detailed in section 3.

5. Virtual Courses

Virtual class payments (with the exception of twins or multiples from the same household) are for the attendance of 1 adult and 1 infant only.  All other terms and conditions for Virtual courses are the same as In-Person courses

6. Course, Workshop & Consultancy Resources

All resources provided to you are for your sole personal use only. They are subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced or shared with others without our express written permission. This includes both written and digital materials.

7. Baby Massage Oil

You will be provided with information and guidance on appropriate oils to use for baby massage. Oil or moisturisers should not be used on babies under 4 weeks of age. All products should be patch tested on your child before use. We take no responsibility for any reactions to any products used in or as a result of our classes or workshops.

8. Gift Purchases and Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are non-refundable. Gift vouchers that have been purchased for a specific course or product may be transferred to alternative Nurturing Beginnings courses at our discretion. They cannot be cashed in and have no monetary value for the recipient. Standard terms and conditions apply to bookings made using gift vouchers.

9. General

Due to high demand, your place on a course is not confirmed or guaranteed until full payment is received. Your child and their safety is your sole responsibility when attending classes including virtual sessions. You are responsible for your personal belongings when you are attending any in-person sessions. Please do not bring your child to an in-person class if you suspect they are suffering from a high temperature, any contagious disease or infection or they have been in recent contact with another child who is. Also see point 4 above. Please take your child with you if you need to leave the room at in-person venues. Hot beverages are provided in many of our in-person sessions, for obvious safety reasons please do not remove any lids and ensure that you do not leave your drink unattended at any time. All classes and workshops are for you or your child only. Where agreed, refunds will be made within 28 days (except where stated) and via the original method of payment. Refunds are not available for gift vouchers unless applied for by the purchaser within 28 days or purchase.